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I know I haven't been on here in forever but I'm thinking about trying to write again. I'm pregnant with no.6, due in July fwiw. I don't know why I think I'll actually have time to write but being unrealistic and borderline nuts seems to be my MO. hi, going to try to catch up some.

She is here
I'm pretty tired so here's the basics.
Gabriella Allison was born at 9:17 AM at 9 pounds 7oz. on 10/20
she's gorgeous and we actually didn't settle on the name out of several possibilities 'til we saw her. My little boys were darlings on seeing her for the first time.
latch went well and everyone is doing great.

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(no subject)
almost 11 pm and just waiting it out. My contractions have stalled at 6 minutes apart for the last hour, i have a feeling this will be an all night affair. tomorrow for sure. some time.

Still Pregnant
irony is spending months on bedrest to avoid labor (last time) and then being despondent over being 2 days past my due date now. I think it would be more tolerable if I ever slept past 6am. an emotional wreck right now, just gotta keep plugging away at life.

Odd thought
I think I have spent as much time being pregnant (4 times, around 9 months apiece) as I went to college. In both cases you spend a certain amount of time feeling nauseous, there's weight gain, by the end you really want to be done, there's a big test or tests at the end, you wear a gown and it costs a bunch of money. my house feels like a dorm now as well.

False Alarm
False alarm last night, went in to L&D around 5 this morning to get checked out, I was having what felt like back labor in bed late. I overdid it yesterday trying to clean the bathrooms and kitchen floors. D had been away for a while and so it felt like with him back on Saturday it was my chance to take care of some serious cleaning issues I'd had to ignore.

Anyway, I had a super-active baby last night and my back was hurting and I swear it was twinge-ing every 15 minutes for what seemed like hours. I started noticing it for real around midnight and my back was definitely spasming. It hurt quite a bit. I had serious doubts because it didn't feel like labor I'd had before, but since I'm still just 36 weeks I didn't want to take the chance on waiting for things to progress if that was what was up.

So we went in this morning early and got strapped down and all that business and it turns out I just have a sore back, no dilation, no significant contractions to speak of. Got almost no sleep last night tho.

Instead when we got home D gave me a short back rub and we got me into the tub for a hot soak. He packed everyone into the car and went and got me some back heating pads. My back really hurts this morning still so I'm going to lie on my side and try to take a nap.

snapshot of a morning
with the new school year here everything is more complicated. Aidan is taking the bus to kindergarten, B is still going to his old preschool. With D out of the town for the week, everything is falling on me. This morning was crazy hard, no-one wanted to cooperate. I had to get B to his preschool first, get everyone else packed in the van too, the girls threw a combined fit, first one then the other.

Every stop usually means getting everyone in and out, today I got there early enough thank goodness to park in a space right next to the front door and I was able to ask one of the girls up front to watch my girls while I signed B in and got him to class. Then it was back home and walking A to his bus-stop. The girls fought me again trying to get them in their stroller - they don't want to be tied down.

We got to the bus stop and A was feeling weepy because he has had a day or two where he felt picked on by a pair of 6 year olds. So I had to convince him it was okay. I got him to go over and talk to a girl who picked on him and they compared loose tooth notes so I'm hoping that putting a name and a connection to one of his antagonists helps. He was still very clingy getting on the bus, meanwhile the girls screamed bloody murder.

I think all the effort of the morning, rushing around, not getting a chance to eat myself, wrestling the girls into the stroller, walking as fast as I could to get to the stop on time, all of it really taxed me. I noticed contractions and felt I needed to sit down so a neighbor, Sheila, was nice enough to let me come sit down in her living room while we let the girls play with her toddler and I could get a drink and rest for a few minutes.

The contractions weren't progressive, but it definitely took a while for me to settle down. Sheila knows I'm not due for another month, but she looked concerned and wanted to know if I needed to call in to L&D. I look full term, I feel immense. She offered for me to stay the morning and I took her up on it for close to an hour and a half, but once I was feeling okay, I felt I needed to get home and do laundry and things. I am paranoid that I will go into labor after last pregnancies extended bedrest. But I have a hard time letting things go because if I let up on any given day too much I feel like I just get buried.

D will be home this weekend and then I may have to just hand over the reins and let things be. The girls are napping so I hope that lasts for a little. I have a prenatal appointment tomorrow and a sitter to come over while I'm out. It sucks to have to pay for that when money is so tight, but I need the help so I'll take it.

sorry I have no time to say hi to anyone.

time flies and crawls
D took A to an orientation for his kindergarten class this afternoon. he starts next week mid-week. It's not quite sending him to college, but it feel monumental nonetheless.

I'm 33 weeks tomorrow. I think I've been pregnant for a decade now. at least we're back to moderate temps round here. but between insomnia, aches, constipation... etc. I'm in the 3rd trimester doldrums.

this heat is kicking my ass, I cannot stay hydrated enough, the kids are miserable and then when they get upset they want to snuggle up. Nothing like a little sweaty radiator looking for lap time on my non-existent lap. It was 96 degrees here yesterday and almost that bad Saturday. I tried to get everyone out to the mall and other A/C options but I am way too uncomfortable to enjoy walking around much and trying to chase kids in a public place.

I cannot stay hydrated, my bladder is making me pee all the time, I'm super-sweaty and it's making be have extra braxton-hicks contractions. Last night I had full on spasms (heat cramps) in my left foot and my right thigh that send pain all up my back. Being pregnant in August is so stupid.

(no subject)
maybe if I try getting online 10 minutes here and there...

the girls woke up at 5 am this morning. Ugh. the big difference with them and the boys is you can't tell them to entertain themselves. Not that works with the boys, sometimes they'll play quietly. 7 times out of 10 someone gets in the other one's grill. But with the girls you can let them out of their crib, close the door and play with something like a sorter on the floor and lie down and try to catch a couple of ZZs. That is if the room is clean enough for them not to get into trouble, which it was.

No matter how uncomfortable the floor is, somehow I am able to pass out on it. If only for 20 minutes. I'd like to do a little more painting today before the men come home but my whole right side aches from the work I did this weekend.


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